A Great Ice-breaker for a Pre-conference Party: Classic Caricatures at a Baltimore Conference — 9/9/2018

Laura and a crew of other artists, including Mikey and Kerry, drew caricatures at a pre-conference happy hour at the Baltimore Hilton. Attendees were gathering to socialize a little before the seminars began. Everyone was in a relaxed mood and commenting on other attendees caricatures as their cartoon portraits emerged. Then they happily took their one-of-kind, unique caricature back to their hotel room.

Event planners know that many have come from near and far to attend an important career-oriented event. Attendees can appreciate live caricature entertainment while relaxing after their drive or flight and meeting new or getting reacquainted with fellow attendees.

At some events, to make an event especially memorable, event planners choose to include a logo or event name and date on the caricature paper. See some samples of customized paper.

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