A Time-tested Way to Draw a Crowd — Classic Caricatures


Classic caricatures are a perennial crowd-pleaser! Artists draw guests or attendees with traditional medium: paper and pens. Guests line up behind the artist and watch their friends get drawn...then take home a caricature of themselves to remember the event. Great for wedding receptions, birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, school events, conferences and conventions...and more!

The caricaturist draws a crowd!

$130 to $150 per Hour / 2-hour minimum booking

Note: non-local artists may require an additional travel fee.
  • Black and white caricatures (about 10 faces drawn per hour) OR
  • Color caricatures (about 6-7 faces drawn per hour)
  • 11x17 paper
  • Easel set up
  • Clear plastic bags
samples of classic caricatures
Caricatures are great for any event!
  • Custom preprinted paper with logo, hashtag and/or theme

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