We Draw Pets...and their Humans! (Classic and Digital Caricatures)


Pet caricatures (with and without their humans ) make for great entertainment and gifts! We offer both live drawing of either classic or digital caricatures at events. We also offer custom caricatures of pets drawn from photos.

Live Classic Pet Caricatures at Events

$130 to $150 per hour per artist / 2-hour minimum booking

  • Black and white caricatures (about 8-9 pet or human faces drawn per hour) OR
  • Color caricatures (about 5-6 faces drawn per hour)
  • 11x17 paper
  • French easel set up
  • Clear plastic bags

  • Custom preprinted paper with logo and/or theme view sample
  • Photos of all caricatures drawn at the event (taken by the artist)

ipad pet caricatures with instant sharing at events (requires wi-fi)

$180 per hour per artist / 2-hour minimum booking

  • Artists draw simple, black and white caricatures of dogs, cats and any other animal on an iPad
  • About 6-8 faces drawn per hour
  • Branded or custom background to match your event theme view samples
  • Humans receive an instant email of their caricature (client to provide Wi-Fi access)
  • Downloads within 24 hours
Pets sketches on an iPad