Digital Caricatures at a Convention

Digital caricatures will draw a crowd to your convention booth! Attendees watch as the caricature emerges on a TV screen, viewable across a crowded convention floor. Attendees walk away with a one-of-kind, fun, cartoon print-out. The small size – 4×6 inches – make it travel-friendly. Then they can download their digital caricature from an online gallery. Include a logo on the caricature to make an extra memorable souvenir.

Digital caricature artist Maryland

Caricature Artists Draw a Crowd with Live Digital Caricatures at Conference Booth — 5/15 and 5/17/2018

Artists, Mark and Laura, tag-teamed as digital caricature artists at a booth for Carasoft at the Baltimore Convention Center. A repeat client! The digital caricature artists drew a crowd to the booth! Attendees watched caricatures coming to life on a TV screen, waiting for their turn. They then were able to download a digital version […]